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Accomplished St. Charles, Missouri Family Lawyer Puts Your Family First

Comprehensive family law representation for divorce, child custody and other issues

In even the most amicable divorces, there is a lot at stake: without experienced legal representation asserting your rights, you could end up losing your marital home, a fortune in assets, time with your children, and the financial support you need to maintain your quality of life. At The Family Law Group, LLC, through my nearly 20 years practicing in St. Charles, Missouri, I have represented clients on a range of family law issues, helping them to find favorable solutions to what are often heart-wrenching disputes. Whether you seek my help for divorce, custody, support, paternity or another matter, you can count on an advocate who puts your interests first and is dedicated to reaching resolutions that work for the long term.

Small-firm attention coupled with large-firm resources

Trying to navigate family law issues on your own, without skilled counsel, can leave you vulnerable to significant financial and personal losses. Working with a big law firm may seem like the right way to go, but most clients soon find those firms fail to provide the personal attention and care they need during an emotionally difficult time. When you work with me, you can count on a lawyer who is committed to providing lasting solutions to your specific circumstances. I have the experience and resources to protect your interests, even in the most complicated and hotly contested family matters, while sincerely caring about the outcome of your case.

Guiding clients through family law matters

The best family law attorneys are those who treat their clients with respect, compassion and the highest level of professional service. I endeavor to accomplish that in family law cases involving:

  • Divorce — In Missouri, divorce is legally known as dissolution of marriage; the state allows spouses to dissolve their marriage by simply stating it is irretrievably broken. People can also allege grounds under certain circumstances. Even uncontested divorces require experienced legal help to ensure your rights are protected. Strong counsel is essential in high-conflict divorces, where I provide tenacious representation and have the resources necessary to uncover hidden assets, conduct accurate business valuations, obtain protective orders when needed, and defend your privacy during contentious proceedings.
  • Child custody — In Missouri, as in every state, custody decisions are made based on what the court determines to be in the best interests of the child. Recent changes to state law have advanced shared parenting to give fathers a more equal footing in custody and visitation. I will support your rights to spend time with your children for their sake and yours, no matter what type of custody you seek.
  • Child support and modifications — Noncustodial parents are obligated to support their minor children, whether the parents were married or not. I will work to ensure a fair support agreement is reached, whether you are the parent paying support or receiving it. I can also help you seek a support modification when circumstances warrant it.
  • Paternity — Child support orders can’t be established without first establishing paternity, and adoptions can’t take place without a father’s paternity rights being surrendered. Whether you seek to prove or dispute paternity, I will offer full support and guidance.

Each family matter is as unique as the family it involves. I work closely with you to understand the specific facts of your case before creating a legal strategy. Together, we will take a look at issues such as the assets and debts at stake, relationship dynamics that affect parenting, special needs of your children, and so on. I work with investigators, psychologists and other experts where necessary to get the evidence to bolster your claims.

In any family law case, I understand that emotions may run high because the issues involved are intensely personal. My concern for your well-being and that of your family is always my priority in resolving your matter.

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Since 1997, the St. Charles family law attorney at The Family Law Group, LLC has compassionately guided Missourians through all types of family legal matters. To learn how I can help, call 636-688-7167 or contact me online to schedule a consultation today.


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