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Benicia Baker-Livorsi is a former assistant prosecuting attorney for St. Charles County, working primarily in the criminal non-support division.  In this capacity she initiated the first international extradition in the United States for failing to pay child support when she fought to bring Dr. David Goldberg back to St. Charles County to face multiple felony charges of failing to support his children.

Benicia has also previously served as a municipal prosecutor for the City of Overland and has served as St. Charles County Bar President.

Benicia is also a Missouri Guardian ad Litem and a zealous advocate for the welfare of children and has focused her practice primarily on serving parents and children in the local family courts.

Benicia is a well known appellate lawyer who has successfully won a reversal in the United States Supreme Court as well as successfully arguing several cases in the Missouri Supreme Court and even more in the Missouri Court of Appeals.

Her practice is primarily focused on family law related matters in all levels of the judicial system within Missouri. Our office also handles criminal matters which typically affect family members from minor speeding tickets to more substantial abuse allegations and driving while intoxicated matters.

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